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The Smoky Mountains Aktion Club was very excited to send in their contribution for The Eliminate Project before December 31st. This was the first time we participated.

We tried to raise funds in several different ways. We meet one time per month, and for two meetings, we did ‘Happy Money’ with all of the proceeds going to The Eliminate Project. In addition, we also used the Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF boxes, but handing them out on a very limited basis, to get a feel for how it might go on a larger scale. We needed to make sure our members understood the concept of the box. And it is excellent because the back of the box can be shared with the caregivers or the individuals they go to.

Between the two meetings and the boxes, we raised more than US$130. Finally, I also took the calendar we created to our local Kiwanis club. Before going, I had all of our members who created pictures for each month sign their picture. Thus we had an autographed calendar. We sold the calendars for US$35 again with all of the proceeds going to The Eliminate Project. If my math serves me right, US$5.40 per member multiplied by the 37 members is just about US$200; the goal we raised! I also sold three other calendars at the same Kiwanis meeting.

But what makes me happy, is not only the funds we raised. It was also seeing the smiles on the faces of the members as they handed me a box, which may have had pennies in it, but they were so excited to do it. You will see the word JOY in the photo. Our members are doing everything with JOY in their hearts – saving lives through The Eliminate Project!

By David Coulter, Aktion club representative SLP subcommittee
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