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Guidelines for working with Aktion Club members

For Kiwanis-club members, working with members of Aktion Club is a rewarding experience. Of course, mentoring adults with disabilities also brings important responsibilities—particularly those individuals’ safety and protection. To help you carry out those responsibilities, the Kiwanis International Board of Trustees has passed Guidelines for working with Aktion Club members .  

The guidelines should be read, understood and put into practice when working with Aktion Club members. As you review the guidelines, please note a couple of important additions:

 A clear criminal-history background check is required for every Kiwanis advisor to an Aktion Club. 

•  Every Kiwanis club that sponsors an Aktion Club is expected to inform and educate its members on these guidelines every year—and to provide a copy of these guidelines to each club member annually. 

More details are included in the guidelines themselves. All together, the guidelines help you protect the Aktion Club members whom you mentor and serve. They also help you protect yourself and your club. After all, Kiwanis advisors are valuable adult mentors in the lives of Aktion Club members—and the guidelines are a key part of fulfilling the responsibilities with which advisors have been entrusted. 

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