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Contests Encourage Clubs and Members

Do you have budding artists in your Aktion Club? Or possibly a club member who loves talking to people? With the Aktion Club Poster Contest and Speech Contest, those members have opportunities to do what they love—and maybe even get recognized for it. 

The annual contests offer opportunities to clubs too. For instance, a club with a strong service affiliation can enter the Single Service Project Contest to showcase its best service project of the year. And if your club members are crafty or like to take photos, the Scrapbook Contest is a great way to get the club involved in an activity that includes everyone!

Where to get started

The contest booklet contains everything you need to know about Aktion Club's contest and awards program—including submission forms and complete guidelines. The deadline for contest entries is September 15, 2014. Entries must be sent to your district administrator. Don’t know who your district administrator is? Check here. The district will vote and send the winners for each contest category to the international office. 

The contest theme for 2013-14 is fundraising:
Speech: Discuss a time where you felt like your fundraising efforts truly made an impact on a person, group or in your community.
Poster: Draw a picture of yourself and your fellow Aktion Club members raising funds for an important cause.
Single Service: With fellow members, tell about your best fundraising event of the year.
Scrapbook: With your fellow members, create a scrapbook showing the events, service and fundraisers of your Aktion Club year.

Remember to check the contest booklet for complete details. Winners of the international contest will receive one or more of the following, depending on the contest: trophy, certificate, medal and/or a banner patch. All winners will be announced in October.
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