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Need Chaperones for TLC?

The 2017 Aktion Club Training and Leadership Conferences are coming! It’s an exciting time—and a great opportunity. But we know that there are practical matters to consider. 

For example: Do you have volunteers who can help chaperone your Aktion Club’s members? Draw from your local network of volunteers and professionals! Try asking: 

· Sponsoring Kiwanis club members

· Organizational/agency staffs

· Caregivers/family members

As always, you want to be prepared. When you start contacting people, be sure to: 

· Have a plan. Know that you need __ volunteers to chaperone ____ members.

· Use email, phone calls and/or flyers. When communicating, be specific about your needs. (“Can you help chaperone some of our Aktion Club members to the TLC on _______ to ________?”) For more information and updates about this year’s TLCs, check out the events page on the Aktion Club website. And if you have questions, contact Katie Griffin at 

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