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  • Quarterly reports due

    Have you completed the quarterly report for your club yet? They were due on January 15, but the report will remain open until January 25. You can find the report ...

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  • Save the date

    This year marks the 30th anniversary for Aktion Club! George D. “Jake” Swartout organized the first Aktion Club for adults with disabilities in Putnam County, Florida, in 1987. With the ...

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  • Contest theme announced

    The 2016–17 contest theme for Aktion Club is “Courage to Engage.” As you may know, this is the third step in the SLP model. The first two, “Heart to Serve”, ...

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  • Breakthrough and Aktion

    During the first week of the new year, 19 members of Key Club—the Kiwanis-family program for high school students—participated in the first-ever Breakthrough program in Miami, Florida. Hailing from communities ...

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