Celebrate Aktion Club Week: March 6 - 10, 2023

Join Kiwanis staff for District Administrator & Club Advisor Check-in Chats. Visit this page frequently to view updates!


Upcoming District Administrator Check-in Chats

Club Growth & Recognition Check-in Chat: Monday, April 10, 7 p.m., ET: REGISTER

Administrators, join us and other Aktion Club DAs for a reflection chat! Be prepared to share lessons you learned for growing new clubs and how you overcame challenges! Also, learn what your clubs need to submit to be considered for recognition and awards, including the criteria for their Annual Achievement Report.

Recorded District Administrator Training Webinars

2022-23 administrator check-in webinars

2021-22 administrator webinars


Upcoming Club Advisor Check-in Chats

Reflections & Sharing Check-in Chat: Thursday, May 4 at 7 p.m., ET: REGISTER

Advisors, join our team and other Aktion Club advisors to reflect on your mentoring and your club’s service so far this year! Reflect together about:

  • What was a highly meaningful service project for your members?
  • What partnerships were most beneficial both to your club and to your partner?
  • What did your members learn?
  • What did you learn?
  • What is something you need so you can do your best work?

Recorded Club Advisor Training Webinars

Watch recorded advisor check-in chat sessions and learn about resources, club successes, challenges and  ways to make the Aktion Club experience even better.

District Administrator & Club Advisor Resources

Thank you so much for volunteering to be a leader for our Aktion Club members. As leaders in Aktion Club, you will need to have resources at your finger tips. In this section you will find helpful reports, guides, calendars and documents.

Service Leadership Club Reports are useful tools to keep track of club membership, club status (active, inactive, etc.) and new club charters. Reports are updated every Wednesday afternoon.


Member Handbooks
The Aktion Club Member Handbook is useful for members to guide them throughout the Aktion Club year.

Club Recognition
Contests and Awards (Coming soon.)

Club Building & Member Recruitment
Use this fillable member recruitment flier to share club meeting information with prospective club members.
Membership recruitment flier

Current Event Information
Coronavirus updates

Membership Update Center (Yearly Renewal)
The Membership Update Center is where you can can update your club information, roster, and print your dues invoice. Member dues should be received by November 1 to receive the Early Bird Patch.

In addition, monthly reports should be completed on the Membership Update Center beginning October 1. This monthly report will replace the quarterly reports that clubs have completed in the past. It will allow clubs to track club activities, service hours, fundraisers, and other important information in an easy format. Either the Kiwanis advisor or the facility advisor can complete their club’s monthly report. Each district administrator will also have access to the completed reports of the clubs in their district.

District Administrator Reimbursement Requests
District administrators earn $100 in reimbursement funds for each new club chartered in the current administrative year. Reimbursement requests must be submitted by September 30 of the current year and include receipts of expenses associated with Aktion Club. This may include mileage, hotel expenses, airfare, etc.that was incurred while performing Aktion Club business. Review this report to see the number of newly chartered clubs and calculate funds available to apply toward reimbursement. Use this form to submit expenses for reimbursement.

Kiwanis Aktion Club District Administrator Information
Request contact information for the district administrators serving for the current year. Provide information about your experience and skills and help others on the team by sharing your knowledge.

The E-newsletter is a monthly publication written for Aktion Club advisors. Sign up to receive this E-newsletter if you are not currently on the distribution list.

Archived Adivsor E-newsletters
Archived Administrator E-newsletters

Marketing Resources

Tools to conduct virtual meetings

Virtual resources to help clubs thrive

Kiwanis Advisor Background Checks
The sponsoring Kiwanis club should appoint a Kiwanis advisor to the Aktion Club and ensure that this individual receives adequate orientation and training.

Kiwanis club advisors should become familiar with Youth Protection Guidelines and fulfill background check requirements. The Kiwanis advisor(s) must have a clear criminal history background check. Please review the Guidelines for working with Aktion Club members for details.

Inviting clubs back to service 

Kiwanis continues to welcome back all the clubs that were unable to meet last year due to the pandemic. The Kiwanis “Homecoming Campaign” shares strategies to re-engage clubs lost in recent years due to Covid-19 and other reasons.

Celebrate and share successes

Share the club’s community service/fundraising project

Did your club just finish an amazing community service or fundraising project? Don’t keep it a secret, share your story with the Kiwanis world. Other clubs will benefit and might even replicate your project in their community.

Submit information through the Share Our Aktion Club Project Form.