Aktion Club award entries are due September 15!


Aktion Club is a Service Leadership Program that provides adults living with disabilities opportunities to give back to their communities, build leadership and decision-making skills, and develop and use their talents. Ultimately, Aktion Club helps to improve their self-esteem. People living with disabilities—more than anything—want to be treated like everyone else, and Aktion Club allows that to happen.

When a community-based organization or school has agreed to build an Aktion Club with a Kiwanis club, it is time to get started! Complete and submit an Aktion Club Petition to Charter to Kiwanis International today. Connect with the Kiwanis Member Services Team for assistance.


Starting the year after chartering, the Aktion Club must begin submitting annual dues to Kiwanis International. These dues help ensure that these crucial resources are available for all members, advisors and clubs:

  • Resources for club opening, chartering and inviting new members
  • District and club officer training materials
  • Support for districts and divisions
  • Official Aktion Club website and social media accounts
  • Liability insurance


the Atkion Club fiscal year is October 1 – September 30. Aktion Club facility advisors are contacted via email announcing the opening of the Membership Update Center for the year (usually around the middle of September). Aktion Club advisors need to update the membership roster and provide payment online. If preferred, an invoice can be printed and mailed to Kiwanis International with payment.


An Aktion Club can have one of the following statuses: active, inactive, suspended or charter-revoked. A club’s status depends on whether the club has paid member dues and how long since the dues have been paid. Here are the details:

An active club is a club in good standing.

  • In September, all active Aktion Clubs are notified by Kiwanis International that it is time to pay the upcoming year’s dues.
  • If an Aktion Club pays dues by November 1, the club will receive an early-bird banner patch, which Kiwanis International will mail to the facility advisor.
  • If the club doesn’t pay by December 1, its status becomes past due.
  • If a club fails to pay by February 1, it will enter suspended club status.

Once suspended, the club cannot use the Membership Update Center. To become active again during the fiscal year, the club must:

  1. Create a new roster . Collect information from each new member. Determine the total amount due for the entire club. OR Request an invoice. Email the roster information above to and an invoice will be sent to the club.
  2. Identify the club. When dues have been calculated or the invoice has been received, include the club name and ID number on the check.
  3. Mail the check and roster to: Kiwanis International, P.O. Box 6069 Dept. 123, Indianapolis, IN 46206-6069
  • When a suspended club pays member dues, the club will regain active status.
  • If no payment is received by October 1 (the beginning of the following fiscal year), the club’s status will become inactive.

An inactive club has gone one to two years without paying membership dues. To regain active status, the club must re-activate by paying a $23 reactivation fee plus the current year’s dues for each member. Use the Aktion Club Reactivation Form to submit information to Kiwanis International.

  • If a club reactivates, it will become an active club.
  • After two years of inactive status, a club becomes a charter-revoked club

A charter-revoked club is one that has lost its connection with Kiwanis International. To become an active club again, a charter-revoked club must charter again at full cost.