Celebrate Earth Day!

Business Sponsorship

The Aktion Club sponsorship package is a year-round partnership. It’s ideal for companies seeking a specific demographic audience. Sponsors and co-sponsors align themselves with an inspired demographic, and they receive:

  • High-level, year-round recognition.
  • The opportunity to build awareness and relevance.
  • Access to the Aktion Club audience.

Co-sponsor an Aktion Club 

Kiwanis Key Clubs (high school students) and Circle K Clubs (university/college students) can co-sponsor an Aktion Club with the help of a Kiwanis club (adults). Co-sponsoring clubs are responsible for meeting the same expectations established for the sponsoring Kiwanis club.

Aktion Club is very similar to Key Club and Circle K with a few exceptions. Aktion Club members are adults (age 18 and older) with disabilities, who learn about service to the community. The club structure is also different as there is no district or international structure. Aktion Clubs exist as independent clubs and can be based in residential facilities that support adults with disabilities or at a community center.

Here are suggested activities Key Club and Circle K co-sponsors can do to make the Aktion Club experience positive for club members.

  • Train club officers.
  • Assist members with service projects.
  • Invite members to Key Club service projects.
  • Organize a Kiwanis One Day project and include Aktion Club members.
  • Organize an Aktion Club conference for area clubs.
  • Lead Leadership Training using Virtual Key Leader materials.
  • Lead club members through specific activities using the Aktion Club virtual meeting kits.