Aktion Club award entries are due September 15!


Leadership is one of Aktion Club’s core values. Every person has leadership potential and Aktion Club can help people discover their desire to lead. In fact, someone with the desire to lead will decide to step forward when the easier choice might be to stand still. The service club experience can help members accept their own identity as a leader.

What does it look like when members of the Aktion Club show their desire to lead? You might notice that members begin to: 

  • Share opinions during club meetings.
  • Challenge the status quo with the intent of making things better.
  • Believe that working together can bring greater achievement than working alone.
  • Show appreciation for others’ contributions.

How can an advisor help more members find their desire to lead? 

  • Model your thought processes to help members grow.
  • Let members lead and practice new skills.
  • Provide informational praise by giving clear examples of the behavior you are praising.
  • Encourage discussion before an event to share expectations, plans and desired outcomes.
  • Use reflection after and event to help members identify the effective skills they used and the changes they’ll need to make.

What you need to know to lead your club

Service Leadership Model

The experience of service leadership is the primary objective of Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs. It's the premier level of social contribution. The service-club experience prepares people to become the most engaged members of their communities now and in the future.


Everyone associated with the Aktion Club - advisors, members, sponsoring club members - has a role with responsibilities. Understanding the governing documents and policies in place to guide the club will help everyone involved know what is expected of them.

Club Member Role

Members of the club are asked to participate in every club meeting and activity. Making sure club members understand their leadership role in the club is vital to the club's success. Every club member is a leader and has something positive to contribute. Learn how to support club members during this service leadership journey.

Club Officer Role

Each club is led by a board made up of club officers. Club officers need to know what is expected of them when serving in this role. Review helpful resources about how to train your club's officers.

Advisor and District Administrator Role

Aktion Club is supported at the club level by the Aktion Club Kiwanis advisor and by a facility advisor. These club advisors receive guidance and assistance from the Kiwanis Aktion Club district administrator who communicates and supports all Aktion Clubs within the district.