Aktion Club award entries are due September 15!


When people discover their desire to serve, they decide that serving others isn’t just something they do—it’s their way of life. Aktion Club can provide opportunities for members to discover their desire to serve. In fact, the service-club experience helps people of all ages accept their ability to make a difference, enhance their knowledge of their own passions and convictions, and develop empathy with those in need in their communities.

What does having the desire to serve look like? You’ll notice members:

  • Show more care and compassion for each other.
  • Identify needs in their school and community with less prompting.
  • Can better express their beliefs and ideas about how they want to help others.
  • Can discuss their service projects in greater depth and insight.
  • Identify themselves as the ones who can make a difference.
  • How can club leaders support members’ discovery of their heart to serve?
  • Ensure that service remains front and center in the club’s purpose.
  • Facilitate conversation before and after service projects to help members express their emotions and insights.
  • Pay attention to members who identify a passion and help them find resources to explore it.
  • Introduce the club to community charities and cause-related organizations that they might not have discovered on their own
  • Make sure the club’s choices for projects and service initiatives are member-led.

Resources to serve

Service and Fundraising

Review community service project resources to help you get started. Club officers are encouraged to lead activities that help club members select and plan high-impact service projects.

Service Initiative

Aktion Club members have united together in an effort to support an international Service Initiative. The focus of the Aktion Club Service Initiative is Sleeping Children Around the World (SCAW), a nonprofit organization located in Toronto, Ontario.

Virtual Meeting Kits

Review online resources to help clubs lead virtual meetings. Download helpful agendas and meeting activity guides.

Aktion Club Week

Participate in Aktion Club Week which takes place the first full week of March.