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Service Leadership Model

The experience of service leadership is the primary objective of Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs. The service-club experience prepares people to become the most engaged members of their communities – now and in the future.


Aktion Clubs provide opportunities for members to discover that service is an exciting and important new part of their lives. They begin to see their own ability to make a difference, explore their passions and convictions, and develop their empathy with people in need.


Every person has leadership potential. Aktion Club helps members fulfill it – giving them a chance to step forward when the easier choice might have been to stand still. Members begin to grow into their identities as leaders and develop the ability to move an idea into purposeful action.


Through service leadership, a member lives a life of collaboration rather than isolation. Aktion Club helps members see that collaboration is crucial-enhancing their ability to build both strong connections through face-to-face interaction and coalitions that address community needs.