Celebrate Earth Day!



  • Introduce club members, club officers and club advisors.
  • Use these ice breakers to get to know one another.
  • Introduce any guests.

Old Business

  • Report on service projects completed at home after the last meeting.
  • Share the first service project committee report. Share what has been planned to date, discuss remaining plans to be made and assign members to each task the day of the event.

New Business

  • Preventing bullying is the goal. Every year, people are bullied face-to-face and online through social media, texts and gaming chats. In one recent study of 32 countries 4 in 10 teens reported being involved in a bullying incident. Our goal is to help our Aktion Club members respond to bullying and be a positive force to stop bullying and support victims.
  • Cyberbullying occurs when one person or a group of people use electronic means via computers or mobile phones to torment, threaten, harass, humiliate, embarrass or target another person.
  • View the video ‘How much do you know about intellectual disabilities?’ presented by Matthew Williams. He shares his experience and his desire for equality and respect for individuals with intellectual disabilities.
  • Review the resourceAdults Get Bullied Too‘ created by the State Council on Developmental Disabilities, Los Angeles, CA, to understand exactly how adults with disabilities are bullied and actions that can be taken to stop this bullying.
  • What can we each do to change the perception of adults with disabilities? What can we do to stop bullying and cyberbullying?

Home project

  • Research online resources to find suggestions about how to deal with this big problem. Bring your ideas to the next club meeting, where we’ll discuss projects that our Aktion Club members can do.


  • Thank everyone for their participation and especially thank the guests.
  • Give details about the next meeting.

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