Celebrate Earth Day!

Why should we have an Aktion Club in our facility?

Benefits to clients

  • A global network for good.
  • Opportunities to make a positive impact in the world.
  • Lasting friendships with others who are passionate about service.
  • Leadership skills to last a lifetime.
  • Participation in district and international educational events.
  • Training in public relations, strategic thinking, public speaking and organizational skills.
  • Access to grant funding for local service projects.
  • A deeper connection to community.

Benefits to the facility and community

  • Kiwanis members’ commitment to clients’ development.
  • High-quality youth protection training and background checks for volunteers.
  • Advisor support, including online resources and training.
  • Liability insurance for sponsored club activities.
  • Monthly meeting kits and ready-made resources for club officer training.
  • Potential financial and volunteer resources for the facility via sponsoring Kiwanis club.
  • Education for members in Youth Protection through our Culture of Care and mental health resources from Erika’s Lighthouse.
  • Connection and community during a time of pandemic.
  • Innovative leadership development programs for members and advisors:

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