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Aktion Club Facility Advisors

The opportunity. Kiwanis International deeply appreciates the important work of facility advisors and staff supporting adults with disabilities — particularly following the challenges of the previous two years. We all share the objective of helping adults with disabilities fulfill their potential through service and guiding them toward lessons in leadership and community-building that will benefit them throughout their life. We look forward to working with you during an energized year of service.

Resources. Aktion Club has developed many resources to help you work with our members. Your best online resource is the advisor page on the Aktion Club website. A starting point for newer advisors would be the Advisor handbook. You will also find a great collection of program resources — some of which are brand new — at “Homecoming Program Resources.”

To assist you, each supporting Kiwanis club has been asked to designate a Kiwanis advisor to work with you on the Aktion Club program. We encourage you to meet with this fellow advisor and communicate throughout the year to make your support easier and more effective.

Benefits. Facility advisors have access to certain Kiwanis-family benefits, including:

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