Celebrate Earth Day!

Homecoming 2021

The last two years have been challenging for all of us. As facilities and communities re-open — and many clubs adjust to a new way of meeting — we have an opportunity to welcome back the clubs and members we have lost over the past two years.

As Aktion Club members and adult volunteers are getting back to attending events, it’s time to help them get back to service. That’s why we are launching the Homecoming campaign.

Active clubs recruiting new members

We’re kicking off the service year with the Homecoming campaign. It has been a strange couple of years, and we know you’ll need fresh resources to get your club back to service. This is where you’ll find what you need to welcome current, past and new club members back to service.

Clubs that paused last year and need help restarting

Welcome to Homecoming! The COVID-19 pandemic hit clubs pretty hard. This is where you’ll find resources to reactivate Aktion Clubs and welcome members back to service.