Celebrate Earth Day!



  • Introduce club members, club officers and club advisors.
  • Use these ice breakers to get to know one another.
  • Introduce any guests.

Old Business

  • Review ideas shared at the last meeting about anti-bullying projects.
  • Share ideas from what members read at home about a project on anti-bullying and Culture of Care.
  • Decide as a group what project to work on. This can be a combination of online announcements and in-person activities.
  • Establish a working group to develop and lead the project.

New Business

  • Before the meeting, have a few designated members review the video resources and determine which one to show to the club. Also contact local food banks to see what is needed in your community.
  • Hunger/Food insecurity – This has been a continuing problem in most communities and has been aggravated by the dislocations of the coronavirus. Watch the chosen video(s) as an introduction to this project.
  • What observations did you make from viewing the video(s)? What is the difference between hunger and food insecurity? What have club members observed in our community?
    Listen to a report from club members who checked with the local food bank to see what is needed in our community. (If a representative of the food bank can join the meeting virtually, this will be a great addition to the discussion.)
  • Discuss what options there are for a club project to address this community need. Refer to the project list and input from the community.
  • Set up a committee to plan the club project and set a timeline for activities.

Home project

  • Review committee assignments for anti-bullying project.
  • Review plans for a hunger project – ask members to research the community needs and report back at the next meeting.


  • Thank everyone for their participation and especially thank the guests.
  • Give details about the next meeting.

Hunger and Food Insecurity Resources

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