Celebrate Earth Day!



  • Introduce club members, club officers and club advisors.
  • Use these ice breakers to get to know one another.
  • Introduce any guests.

Old Business

  • Share the community mapping/assessment results.
  • Share project ideas and group them by category.
  • Review the list of projects completed by Kiwanis family clubs during COVID-19 for ideas.

New Business

  • For the projects highlighted, what should be the club’s priority now?
  • Set up a committee to work on the first project.
  • You can use breakout rooms in Zoom and other online formats for committee meetings.

Service project options

Dog Toys

  • Watch this video about making dog toys and discuss service projects.
  • Call local animal shelters to see if they will accept your completed dog toys.
    Send project details to club members before the next meeting. Remember to share what materials are needed to make dog toys.
  • Have materials ready when you start the video, everyone can work on their own at home while watching the video as a group through Zoom.

Childhood cancer

  • Learn about childhood cancer and how you can help at the American Childhood Cancer Association.
  • Check your local Ronald McDonald House to see what could be made for families in residence and what restrictions exist. Your club might be able to make cards of good wishes, decorate place mats for meals or seasonal decorations for the dining room.

Home project

  • Determine a hands-on project or options for everyone to complete at home before the next meeting.
  • Committee members meet to start planning the first project from your list. (Report details at the next meeting.)


  • Thank everyone for their participation, especially the guests.
  • Give details about the next meeting.

Download the Agenda