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Administrator and Advisor Resources

Everything you need to be successful

Thank you so much for volunteering to be a leader for our Aktion Club members. As leaders in Aktion Club, you will need to have resources at your finger tips.  In this section you will find helpful reports, guides, calendars and documents. 

Service Leadership Club Reports are useful tools to keep track of your membership and club numbers, paid memberships and charters.Reports are updated every Wednesday afternoon. 

The district administrator guide breaks down responsibilities of operating a district for Aktion Club. 

The Advisor Guide  breaks down the responsibilities of operating an Aktion Club and planning the Aktion Club year. 

Contests and Awards

Club Building is a very important aspect of the District Administrator position. Use the resources within this website to assist you in this aspect of your position. Chartering toolkit for all of our SLP programs including chartering options, presentation tools, quick start guides and general SLP program information is available for your use.

Events related to Aktion Club include our Service Leadership and Kiwanis Programs Conference that takes place every January. Also, we have our annual Training and Leadership Conference (TLC) that takes place in various locations throughout the year. 

Membership Update Center is where you can can update your club information, roster, and print your dues invoice. Member dues should be received by November 1 to receive the Early Bird Patch.

Quarterly Reports should be completed quarterly by clubs and submitted electronically to the Kiwanis International office by the 15th of the month following the end of the quarter.  

District Administrator Reimbursement Request forms allow requests up to a $50 reimbursement per new club chartered in the administrative year. All requests should be submitted by September 30 of the current year and include receipts of expenses associated with Aktion Club. This may include mileage, hotel expenses, airfare, etc.that was incurred while performing Aktion Club business. 

The Aktion Connection newsletter is a monthly publication written for Aktion Club advisors. Sign up to receive this newsletter if you are not currently on the distribution list. To see all editions, go to publications.

The, "What is Aktion Club?" video is available for your use in spreading the news about Aktion Club. 

Use the District Administrator Contact List to keep in touch with your fellow administrators. 

How to Run Your Clubs

Kiwanis advisor background checks
The sponsoring Kiwanis club should appoint a Kiwanis advisor to the Aktion Club and ensure that he/she receives adequate orientation and training. The Kiwanis advisor(s) must have a clear criminal history background check. Please review the Guidelines for working with Aktion Club members for details. You may also visit the Kiwanis site for complete information on advisors getting background checks:

Here is a complete list of all available downloads