When Dick Brulotte speaks about Aktion Club, his enthusiasm is infectious. The 26-year Kiwanian has spent the last five years as the Aktion Club Ohio district administrator. He loves getting Kiwanis clubs and community sites (including local businesses) excited about starting Aktion Clubs. And he loves it when Aktion Club officers and members attend and speak at Kiwanis district gatherings. 

In 2022, Brulotte asked Adrienne Gallo, president of the Columbiana County Aktion Club in Lisbon, Ohio, U.S., to deliver one of the opening session welcomes at Ohio Midyear Education Day. Gallo wrote her own address and was a hit, receiving a standing ovation. Since then, she has spoken at a number of events both for Kiwanis and community groups. 

“People with disabilities know what they can do,” Brulotte says. 

We asked Brulotte to share advice with advisors and administrators for supporting Aktion Club members’ leadership opportunities. Here are four tips: 

  1. Advisors: Take Aktion Club officers to your Kiwanis club meetings of your Kiwanis club — and give them opportunities to speak. For example, they could highlight their favorite service projects.  
  2. Administrators: Ask district and division leaders to invite Aktion Club officers or members to participate in Kiwanis division and district meetings.  
  3. Administrators: Ask district and division leaders to invite Aktion Club officers to give a welcome address at midyear meetings and district conventions. They can also facilitate an informative Aktion Club session for Kiwanians attending the events. In Ohio, CKI, Key Club and Aktion Club officers welcome attendees of both the midyear and district convention, and Aktion Club holds a forum for attendees of each event.  
  4. Create an Aktion Club district conference. Using Ohio’s district convention as a model, Brulotte created an annual “Leadership and Education Day” for club members. The day includes keynote speakers with whom members can identify and opportunities for some officers and members to supervise onsite service projects.  

Kiwanis advisors, facility advisors and district administrators need to work together to create these opportunities. When preparing officers and members and ensuring they have transportation to events, communication between advisors and the administrator will make things go smoothly.