As we wrap up another year of service, let’s pause to celebrate the different ways that Aktion Club members have contributed to their facilities and their local communities. Thank you to these Aktion Clubs for their service and inspiration!  

  1. The Aktion Club of Highlands County in Avon Park, Florida, U.S., conducted a roadside advocacy campaign promoting child abuse awareness. Club members dressed in blue for “Wear Blue Day” in recognition of Child Abuse Month. They created signs to educate passersby about child abuse as they waved traffic through the area in front of the Child Advocacy Center. The club’s goal was to let the public know they are there for children and won’t stand for abuse. Mission accomplished! Learn more about this project. 
  2. The Aktion Club of Celebration Baptist Church in Tallahassee, Florida, U.S., conducted a shoe drive fundraiser to purchase infant car seats for a Women’s Pregnancy Center. The club partnered with Fund20rgs, an organization that provides heavy-duty collection bags and rubber bands for shoe drives and that paid US$0.40 a pound for shoes collected. The shoes are sent to organizations that use them to help people in developing nations set up shoe businesses. The shoe drive was a huge success, and Aktion Club donated 87 bags containing 25 pairs of shoes each to Fund2Orgs! That’s almost 2,200 pairs of shoes! This earned the club enough money to provide 12 infant car seats. Well done, Aktion Club of Celebration! Learn more about this project
  3. The Aktion Club in Waynesville, North Carolina, U.S., planted spring flower beds for the McCracken Low Income Nursing Home in their community. The Aktion Club “adopted” the nursing home in 2015 and makes consistent visits there. A few of their projects for residents include making greeting cards, holding holiday parties, organizing Bingo games and visiting. Thank you for taking such good care of elderly citizens in your community! Learn more about this project.