Are you an Aktion Club advisor looking to spread the word about the amazing work your club is doing? Social media, local media and Kiwanis International are powerful platforms to help you showcase your club’s stories.  

Use social media: Social media offers fantastic opportunities to connect with your community and beyond. Share photos, videos and stories of your club’s service projects and events. Highlight the impact your members are making in the lives of others by posting on:  

  • Facebook: Through a dedicated Aktion Club Facebook page, you can regularly post updates, event photos and success stories. Encourage members and their families to like and share posts to reach a broader audience.  
  • X (formerly known as Twitter): Share upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and accomplishments using relevant hashtags to increase visibility. Engage with other community organizations and influencers to spread your message.  
  • Instagram: Instagram is a great place to share visually engaging photos and short videos of your club’s activities. Use Instagram stories to showcase your work and provide glimpses behind the scenes.  

Connect with local media: Local newspapers, radio stations and TV stations are always looking for feel-good stories about service. Reach out to reporters with news releases or short pitches highlighting your club’s projects and achievements. Make it easy for reporters by lining up interviews with your members and inviting them to events.   

  • News releases: Write news releases highlighting your club’s accomplishments. Include quotes from club members or testimonials from individuals impacted by the club’s service projects.  
  • Media pitches: Write tailored pitches to specific media outlets, sharing a unique angle or aspect of your club’s story. Be concise and compelling when making the pitch. Always follow up.   

Share stories with us: The staff at Kiwanis International would love to hear about your Aktion Club service, teambuilding, member recruitment campaign and other successes! Submit your club’s stories using the online Share Your Story form. Provide detailed information about your club’s service projects or other activities, along with high-quality photos or videos to accompany the story.  

Make sure to incorporate Aktion Club logos in your promotional materials, event flyers and social media posts to enhance brand recognition and credibility. Check out the variety of logos available to download.   

By using social media, connecting with local press and sharing stories with us, you can help spread the impact of your Aktion Club.