This year, your Aktion Club members can feel a stronger connection to the Kiwanis family by helping Key Club raise money for the Start Strong: Zambia project. Money raised is helping UNICEF build community centers for early childhood development. The money also helps train community volunteers, healthcare professionals and teachers. And it is providing learning toys for children.  

Consider participating as a club in Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF in October. Your club could have fun dressing up and hosting a “trunk or treat” — giving out candy from the trunk of a decorated vehicle — while also taking donations for the project. Your club could partner with its sponsoring Kiwanis Club and organize a creative fundraising event, such as a dance or a pancake breakfast.  

However your club raises money, find an easy-to-use donation form at the bottom of this Key Club webpage. Watch this video to see the difference Key Club and UNICEF are making for children and families in Zambia. We invite your Aktion Club to join them!