Your club can participate in International Day of Happiness on March 20! It’s a day to think about happiness, give happiness to others and conduct an activity to promote well-being. Here are a few ideas for members: 

  • Gather and share what makes them happy and create art to hang in their homes as a reminder. 
  • Make a card for a friend or family members.  
  • Create Kindness Tray Liners for a living facility for adults with disabilities or for elderly residents. (Check out the Kindness Tray Liner instructions that K-Kids used for this project).  
  • Invite a local animal shelter to send a speaker to your club meeting — along with a few furry friends. 
  • Do something active! Members who are able can garden, have a fun walk or a park cleanup; members with mobility restrictions can participate by handing out supplies, keeping time, etc.