As a service leadership club, your Aktion Club members will get to know their community and its needs by hearing from guest speakers, meeting people from other organizations and following your local news. Challenge your members to address a variety of causes or needs as they choose projects this year. 

This list of need categories includes a service project example for each one:  

  1. Animals: Create a flyer featuring a local animal shelter and share information on how to foster or adopt a pet. Then distribute the flyers at a grocery store, fair or public event. 
  2. Bullying: Learn about how buddy benches help kids who feel left out. Raise money to buy a buddy bench and have it installed in a local park’s playground.  
  3. The environment: Learn about how plastic bags and bottles pollute our oceans. Design posters and flyers and distribute them at grocery stores or parks to educate your community about the benefits of using reusable grocery bags and water bottles. 
  4. People with disabilities: Learn about the Special Olympics. Hold a fundraiser and donate to the organization. 
  5. Education and literacy: Hold a book drive and donate the books to a community center or Little Free Library in your town. 
  6. Eldercare: Make holiday cards for residents of an assisted living facility or do something kind for an older family member. 
  7. Health and wellness: Volunteer at a community garden. 
  8. Hunger and homelessness: Learn about a food pantry or food bank in your community and hold a canned food drive to donate food there.  
  9. Kindness: Find an activity your members want to do to promote kindness in their families, school or community using Random Acts of Kindness Foundation resources 
  10. Including others: Talk about what it feels like to feel accepted and included by others. Then have members make artwork with messages about including others and display the works in a public place. 
  11. Equal rights for all: Learn about the clean water crisis facing 2 billion people in the world. Raise money for an organization that builds wells.