Involving potential Aktion Club members in a club service project is the perfect way to get them excited about joining. The following event preparation steps will make it easy and fun. Add your club’s personal touch to make the event even better. 

  1. Create a prospective member invitation list. Ask Aktion Club members to provide names of friends they think would enjoy being a part of Aktion Club. These people will be invited to the club member recruitment activity.  
  2. Brainstorm fun onsite service activities. Here’s a list of ideas to get club members thinking:  
    • Make greeting cards for veterans.  
    • Create dog toys and treats for the local animal shelter.  
    • Paint inspirational messages on rocks to place in a park or garden.  
    • Make inspirational signs to display along an entry walkway to a business or in a drive-thru to a café or restaurant.  
    • Decorate warm socks with puffy paint for nursing home residents.
      REMEMBER: Whatever the activity, make sure that there is a community need that the club is meeting. Contact the business or organization to check on their needs and share ideas with them before committing to a project.
  1. Send invitations to potential club members. Create your own or use this fillable Aktion Club member recruitment flier as an invite.  
  2. Set up club members for success. Create conversation starter cards for the event. Before the event, ask club members to develop a list of questions to use as conversation starters. This will help club members engage with guests during the activity. Place a set of cards at each workstation on the day of the event. 

If there’s time during the meeting, share one of the Aktion Club video award-winning entries. These show footage from active Aktion Clubs.