For Aktion Club officer training, replace the traditional lecture-style meeting with an interactive session. Find the fun in what you’re planning and share your positive energy with everyone involved. Try these tips as you plan the training:  

  1. Pick a fun meeting theme to inspire members when creating meeting invitations, decorations and silly recognition gifts.  
  2. Create a playlist of upbeat energizing music to play during the meeting. 
  3. Select “brain break” exercises, icebreakers and team builders to get club officers thinking.  
  4. Provide easels and markers for each group to use.  
  5. Create a talking stick if officers aren’t taking turns. 
  6. Provide snacks that feed the brain. Select foods that are low in sugar and high in protein, such as nuts, trail mix and dark chocolate. 
  7. Pair Aktion Club officers with a Kiwanis or facility advisor who will serve as a coach, helping members write their thoughts and share ideas.  

Club officer training agenda 

Consider including these activities and topics: 

  1. Help officers and Kiwanis volunteers get to know one another by conducting one or more icebreakers and team builders (see pages 16-17 of the “Aktion Club Member Handbook”).
  2. Educate officers about Aktion Club by watching one or more videos from past Aktion Club video contest winners: 
  3. Introduce officers to the rest of the Kiwanis family by watching short videos about each program: K-Kids, Builders Club, Key Club, Circle K International.  
  4. Explain what a club meeting looks like by reviewing sample club meeting agendas on page 9 of the “Aktion Club Member Handbook.”  
  5. Review ways to address community needs and help officers understand service. Review pages 4-7 in the “Aktion Club Member Handbook.” 
  6. Review worksheets in the “Aktion Club Member Journal” to learn about service areas club officers are interested in pursuing.  
  7. Review Aktion Club officer guides to learn about the role of each officer. Encourage Kiwanis members and Aktion Club officers to discuss how they can work together to lead.  
  8. Set club goals for the year.  
  9. Review criteria for club awards and recognition. Decide which club officer will share information about the awards and contests with the club. 

When working with Aktion Club officers, incorporate The Search Institute’s Developmental Relationships Framework to strengthen your connection. Advisors can incorporate the five elements of the framework (Express Care, Challenge Growth, Provide Support, Share Power, Expand Possibilities) at any time.